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Yamaha GT-125



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Specifications Yamaha GT 125 - is the latest of the yamaha motorcycle released in the early 2014's. Motor yamaha gt 125 eagle's eye, is mentioned as an automatic motor yamaha output which has the highest caste or could be considered the greatest of all the motor matic has been launched so far. So how does the actual advantages of automatic motorcycle yamaha made this one?.

In terms of looks, this bike looks strong, sturdy and with a bandage elehgan cool striping. Her body was in a modern design with sharp grooves accompanied with here and there. The size is also quite slim with an empty weight of the motor reaches 101 kg. The most visible and become the main feature of this bike is the design of the lamp. This bike lights designed to look like the eyes of an eagle that is narrowed, reflector with blue lenses. In addition to the headlights, rear lights are also very powerful and modern. Moreover, the rear lights are also coupled with Smoked Leans effects that make the lighting is so bright but not blinding in the eye.

From the engine sector, yamaha gt 125 is equipped with the powerful engine capacity of 125 cc, 4 stroke, 2 valve SOHC (Single Over Head Camsaft) with a liquid cooling system (liquid). Maximum power capable of exhaled reached 11.4 Ps (8.4 kw) / 9000 rpm, while the maximum torque of 10.4 Nm (1:06 kgf.m) / 6500 rpm. With such a machine komparansi yamaha motor matic is capable of driving up to a maximum speed (top speed) reaches 108 km / h.

Matic scooter also has injection technology brings yamaha (YMJET-FI) so fairly economical fuel consumption and exhaust gas (emission) produced more clean and environmentally friendly. In a trial, GT 125 has a fuel consumption rate reached 36.65 km / liter. As for the fuel capacity, it is fairly decent scooter matic that is able to accommodate up to 3.8 liters.

For the convenience of the rider, the motor matic has been designed with an upright riding position and fit. In addition, the seat is used also soft and comfortable so that motorists will not quickly tired and sore when driving. Suspension is used also very pronounced forget, still able to provide a high stability even in conditions of rapid motor.