Test your bike 1 week before you buy it  -  Easy  finance for foreigners

12/2014 Yamaha Fino 22.900 ฿ Finance by shop



12/2014 Yamaha Fino – drives and look very good –  rent this motorbike for 1 week to test for 850 Baht and 1,000 Baht deposit, and we will deduct the rental price and deposit from the purchase price if you buy the vehicle.Finance possible We can transfer this bike to your name swap part exchange car motorbike possible

Data sheet

Cash price 22.900 ฿
Price to put this bike on your name 600 ฿
buy this vehicle on financing by PJ Trading private shop (no bank) possible for foreigners (under conditions) Possible
minimum deposit on signing rent to purchase contract 9.000 ฿
monthly payment on 1 month rent to buy contract 15.397 ฿
monthly payment on 2 months rent to buy contract 7.947 ฿
monthly payment on 3 months rent to buy contract 5.463 ฿
monthly payment on 4 months rent to buy contract 4.222 ฿
monthly payment on 5 months rent to buy contract 3.477 ฿
monthly payment on 6 months rent to buy contract 2.980 ฿